What Is Gold Used For In Nepal? Read Here How The Nepalese People Are Using The Gold In Their Life

    What is gold used for in Nepal? :-  Let’s talk about the uses of gold in Nepal. Well, gold is a very famous jeweler all around the world including Nepal. Day by day its demand is increasing and people want more of it. If we turn back and looked into our history than it has been clear that gold was more used than anything.

    Now, in Nepal gold is considered the most valuable and expensive thing to make a beautiful ornament. There were no mines as an official in Nepal but still, people get it from the bank of rivers like Koshi, Gandaki, Seti, etc. Gold can be used for various reasons and in different ways.

    There are several importances and significances of Gold among the Nepalese community. Some of the ways and propose to use gold in Nepal were as fellow:

    What Is Gold Used For In Nepal? Uses and Significances of Gold in Nepal

    1. For jewelry ||Main Uses Of Gold in Nepal||

    Nepal is a small and landlocked country and the population is also not too much in Nepal. People were highly from middle-class families and of course from a rich family too. As we look that because not so rich people live in Nepal consumption of gold is also not too much.

    There was no official and accurate gold mine in Nepal but people went on the bank of the river and collect some of it. Because of its attraction and so shinny nature, Nepalese people like it most to wear as jewelry.

    Uses of Gold Nepal Nepalese People Chain jewelery
    Gold Chain

    After importing from other countries, people start to give shapes to it like necklaces, bracelets, gold waist chains, cultural gold design, etc. so, especially women used to were all kinds of jewelry and add beauty to their styles.

    Nowadays, the use of gold is not only limited to some specific design in Nepal. People choose a more extraordinary design for them and prefer more styles to look these days. In Nepal, gold was import in there different categories like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

    Girls and women from different parts of a country use it as per their needs. People from Nepal love to wear those ornament and it becomes a trend nowadays as well. So, gold is mostly used as jewelry for people and they like it which is even good for sellers and purchasers. These days much gold was used as jewelry than it is being used in other sectors.

    2. Investing ||Primary Uses Of Gold in Nepal||

    One of the Most valuable and trustful investments in Nepal history is gold and it is kept to continue to this day. Gold is not inside those items which may lose its value within some days neither it will be waste ever.

    People in Nepal open various shops of gold to sells customers, different shops to make jewelry, and many more. In this modern time, they start to invest and use gold for their proper use.

    gold grams nepal
    gold grams

    Gold has various uses and it is one of the best items to invest in the Nepali market. Gold is also a direct link with American currency like the dollar. So, with the market value of the dollar, its value as well increases and decreases which has a direct impact worldwide. The rate of gold in Nepal is also determined through the rate of the dollar in the international market and as well in Nepal.

    3. Cultural perspective ||Secondary Uses Of Gold in Nepal||

    Nepalese culture is full of beauty and it gives more focus on its dress. After Nepal divided into various cultural states and people have their norms. It gives birth to build of various cultures to different people and they start to make their dress-up.

    Now, if we look at any cultural dress of Nepalese people, it is very hard to find any of them without gold. Gold necklaces and chain, crown, and everything just make them so beautiful.

    Each dress contains more than five or six items of gold and gives the perfect shape and size to dance and enjoy their culture. Each of our cultures needs gold as showing beauty and makes them attractive.

    Nepali people have a lot of respect and believe in their respective cultures. They want to make it as perfect and adorable as they can and gold adds a lot plus point in it. Inside Nepal, gold has a significant value in our cultural dress. Crown, necklace, and also gold is used on the leg as an ornament for the cultural dress.

    4. Gold coin || Significance of Gold In Nepali Community||

    We were talking about the use of gold in Nepal then let’s take it from little earlier. When coins were first introduced and later after that silver and gold coins were much more famous among Nepalese.

    At that time, gold coins were used as so specific ceremony and it has so limited stock. Nepal imports much more gold as well that time and it is used as coins as well. But nowadays only to make golden jubilee and make certain coins, gold was used.

    Gold woman nepal
    Gold coid

    2.5gm, 5gm and 10gm gold coins to mark the golden jubilee in Nepal were made these days. Gold coins were so popular when there was a kingdom in Nepal and most of the gold was being used by people to make coins. But now when notes where used as Nepalese currency, gold start to use for other things.

    5. Medals ||Significance of Gold In Nepali Community||

    As we all know that sports were so much close to our hearts like ornament gold. People from all over the world love sports like football, volleyball, basketball and many more. They have so much attachment to sports like Nepali people.

    In Nepal, sports are taken as the most enjoyable moment and whoever wins medals were distributed according to their ranking in the match. Especially, gold medals are for first and silver for the first runner up. After winning the match get gold medals that were made in Nepal.

    Gold is also so close to our heart as like winner team and maybe it must be the reason to distribute gold to them. Inside medals, there is a huge logo and symbol of a particular game as well as Nepal, and the whole round plate is made of gold which shines so bright.

    After the tradition of the medal being used to symbolize for the winner than gold also start to add for its beauty. Comparing the past from the present situation of sports than we will see more gold was used as a medal because of more sports held these days.

    6. Withdraw assets ||Significance of Gold In Nepali Community||

    Gold is a very useful asset as well when we talk about withdrawing anything. Whenever we need money than we can withdraw it from the bank and gold shop easily.

    In Nepal, everyone trusts gold as much as money value and it is a really easy process as well. Like when we deposit gold on the bank than it will give money as much as that gold worth.

    Same as when we went to buy anything than gold can be used as an agent like money. Even in the ruler side of Nepal, people withdraw money by keeping their gold, and in the case of cant return than gold will be taken from them.

    7. Worship in the form of the goddess ||Significance of Gold In Nepali Community||

    In our Nepalese culture, gold is considered as a goddess Laxmi who is also known as the god of wealth. People of Nepal take gold as so pure form of wealth and luck. They worship it every year to make happy and hoping to get more wealth and health from goddess Laxmi.

    This culture was originated from our old times where our ancestors used to do it and it passes the knowledge of the worship of gold and money to this generation. Wealth is the main factor for human and it is essential for living as well so, there is a culture to worship wealth.

    Gold is one of the purest natural forms of wealth in Nepal so; it is given name as a wealth of Laxmi. Gold added a lot of value and importance to our religion and culture.

    8. Gold pot and glass ||Importance of Gold In Nepal?||

    While talking about the use of gold than it’s not often but people use it as a glass of gold and a lot of time use as a pot. When there is a time of ruler as a king in Nepal, in almost all ceremony gold pot and glasses were used.

    From that time till now gold is being used as a royal serving ornament and it will properly be decorated. These days’ even normal people use gold as decoration and make beautiful things to use.

    There is a belief that inside the gold glass and gold bottle, water can be much purer and add a lot of minerals. So, people use gold to make different shapes of bottles and plates and eat or drink from it to cure a certain type of disease which is also used in herbal medicine by local people.

    9. Gold business ||Importance of Gold In Nepal?||

    Let’s see the most efficient and large use of gold in every field whether it is physical or economical. The gold business is so much famous in the entire world. In Nepal, people buy gold when it has so much low rate and when the rate gets high they start to sell all of it in the market.

    Like this, the gold business has automatically raised its business so much within a few decades. Use of gold is also depending upon season like in winter season, there will be more marriage functions and the use of gold will rise too much.

    So, it’s all about how much gold is used at a particular time and it will help to do estimated business. So, day by day business is gold business is increasing rapidly with the flow of time and demand of people. These days’ people also involved in black marketing of gold and it brings sometimes so negative impact on business.

    10. Supportive for loan ||What Is Gold Used For In Nepal?||

    Now, it is not only the money exchange but it is also so much for loan supporters. In Nepal, anybody who takes money as a loan can pay that much of gold and it is ok with everyone.

    Gold is precious in Nepal so that anything can be exchanged with it. People used to pay gold a lot of time instead of money and people accept it as well. So, gold is appreciating anywhere in any form in Nepal.

    Going backward in time, we may find that gold is one of the most loan payable materials in Nepal. People collect it from the bank of rivers and sell it in the market with more profit. In Nepal, gold is synonymous with money for people.

    11. Gold art ||What Is Gold Used For In Nepal?||

    Art is always been so popular in Nepalese society and within people. Especially, fewer people use gold to make art because it is expensive and fewer people afford it. Anyway, gold art is as well so famous for people and many people buy it to decorate their house and office.

    Gold art means giving cover-up or coating any art with gold to give it masterpieces. We can get a lot of chances to see those gold arts in various fancy places and museums as well in Nepal.

    So, gold art is a much expensive item and it needs more time and creativity to take a beautiful shape. Gold art is so famous in tourist spots like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Gold art mixed with Nepal logo and culture is totally beautiful and it promotes tourism at a different level.

    12. Tooth jewelry || Uses Of Gold in Nepal||

    It is one of the best and amazing uses of gold in Nepal as tooth jewelry. People who have a higher level in society or have a lot of wealth used to put tooth of gold.

    As we talk in another country it is very common to use gold to make a tooth and in Nepal as well, people used to do it. Gold tooth costs a lot because it requires pure gold and perfect shape.

    Day by day, people show their interest in the gold tooth which is strong as well. Well, the gold tooth may not be so much popular among everyone because it’s hard to afford. But defiantly people from high levels use it to show their standard.

    13. Symbol || Uses Of Gold in Nepal ||

    Gold is used for various propose but as we talk its rare use for the symbol. In Nepal, we can see large houses in different places where different types of symbols were made of gold on the front side of the house. People rarely use gold like that but for last long, gold is surely used as giving symbol for many things in Nepal.

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