10 Best Places For Buying Gold Jewelry In Nepal

    Best places for buying gold jewelry in Nepal:- Nepal has hundreds of jewelry stores, small and big, catering to its populace. Many of the jeweler stores were founded in response to preserving Nepal’s traditional ornaments and meeting the increasing demand for modern ornamentation in Nepal and abroad.

    Nepal is known as a country rich in culture; where most people are of different origin and as per their origin, they follow various traditions and customs. In Hindu culture gold is believed to be a holy metal that is required from a child’s birth to a man or woman’s death.

    A common custom, often women put on ornaments in various parts of their bodies where rings and chains prefer to be worn as men. Women of some tribes and castes wear ornaments at special festivals and occasions such as wedding ceremony while the women of some other caste wear ornaments from top of their heads to tip of their toes during the year.

    In Nepali culture, ornaments are not only worn for fashion but also have cultural significance. Some of the people wear stones and lockets with hopes of good fortune and luck in their lives, having convictions about faith, tantrism, and horoscope.

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    Individuals wear distinctive kinds of jewelry for various purposes. Some wear for show-off while others wear for particular purposes. Some wear cheap kind of jewelry and others wear costly jewelry. There are loads of jewelry retailers accessible in Nepal, where individuals can purchase their favorite design of jewelry.

    Try not to be reluctant to approach a potential jeweler for our credentials and proof of certification. They offer a variety of services, for example, resizing and custom design.

    Types of gold jewelers in Nepal

     The different types of gold jewelers in Nepal are:

    A) 24-carat gold jewelers in Nepal

    Pure gold is commonly viewed as too soft to even think about making jewelry ornaments with all alone, notwithstanding, it might be utilized for gilding, plating, or for making ceremonial items. It has an iridescent, rich, and extremely warm brilliant shading. Despite its purity 24ct gold is also by its weight the most costly type of gold.

    Gold pics

    B) 22-carat gold jewelers in Nepal

    Twenty two carat gold is the 22 parts pure gold, making it 91,67 percent pure. The rest of the consist of alloyed metals such as zinc, copper, silver, and nickel that are responsible for enhanced strength in golds.

    Gold jewelry made from 22ct metal is consistently durable but despite everything holds a significant part of the delightful shade of 24ct gold, making it a decent exchange. Be that as it may, it’s best purity level though, it also makes it really costly.

    C) 18-carat gold jewelers in Nepal

    Eighteen carat gold is the 18 parts pure gold, making it 75 percent pure. The rest of the consist of alloyed metals such as zinc, copper, silver, and nickel that are responsible for enhanced strength in golds. The difference of the other metal or alloys of the metal gives the jewelry its hardness and color.

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    Here is a famous jewelry shop generally enjoyed by Nepalese individuals are given underneath:-

    Best Place For Buying Gold Jewelry In Nepal

    1) Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

     Baraha Industries Jewelry Pvt. In 1995 AD, Ltd was founded as a small company. Originally located in Dharan, a lovely little town in the eastern region of Nepal, they were lucky to spread to other branches in Nepal and overseas with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm for fulfilling the needs of their customers.

    Baraha Jewelry is Nepal’s first Jewelry showroom to receive Nepal Standard Certification for their products.

    While manufacturing and promoting the best in traditional Nepali ornaments, they are now developing new designs and custom-made jewelry to match the needs of each customer along with silver and diamond jewelry.

    At Baraha Industries, under Baraha Jewellery Industries, they have over 2000 skilled and qualified jewelry making professionals (Kaligars) employed. They are strongly focused on offering work opportunities for less privileged ethnic minority communities, and single women raising children on their own to support their families.

    The Head Office of Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located in New Road, Kathmandu with current branches in Kathmandu and Dharan having our contact offices in Pokhara, Chitwan, Hongkong, Dubai, China, and UK. They have planned to further grow their business by opening 20 more branches over the next five years, both in Nepal and abroad.

    Mission Of Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt’s Ltd. principal mission is to give the means for people to see the world through design. They get great joy in making high-quality handmade jewelry pieces of unique nature, and yet jewelry style is just the true expression of something far bigger that we make. A further mission is

    • to encourage Baraha customers ‘ loyalty by being the most trusted jeweler in these specific markets;
    • be an expert in each field of their business;
    • Behave professionally and ethically.
    • To communicate with their customers and establish long-life relationships.
    • Offer them traditional jewels at several plus point and styles. .
    • Celebrating and recording significant events in life.

    Vision of Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    Baraha Jewellery Industries Pvt’s principal vision Ltd. is to continue to build up the Baraha brand’s legacy and have an unrivaled consumer experience in every one of their outlets.

    2) Gahana Griha

    Gahana Griha is one of Nepal’s largest jewelry companies with various branches and brands in the Newroad and Durbar Marg (Kamaladi), the prime shopping areas. Gahanna Griha has taken ambitious steps from our humble roots from a tiny storefront in Newroad’s jewelry district to elevate the product and service offerings both in Nepal as well as globally.

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    In addition to expanding our core jewelry sector, we’ve made growing efforts to play a role in the wider market economy in Nepal. The product range of Gahana Griha includes gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, precious stone jewelry, etc. In 2015, Zuleika by Gahana Griha came into being, launching a genuinely high-end jewelry brand.

    At the corner of Nepal’s most exclusive shopping area, Zuleika differentiates itself from its peers in several ways obvious to the customer as soon as they step in our Victorian meet 5th avenue style flagship showroom.

    The distinguishing features of the Gahana Griha product have been comfortable, exclusive, and accessible. At times unapologetically lavish and at others sophisticated and subtle, Gahana Griha continually expand our horizons of style. Gahana Griha Karighars [manufacturers] combine their ancestors ‘crafts with the latest in jewelry technology, from working with thin paper 24 carat

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    gold for exquisite handmade traditional Nepali jewelry to working with state of the art machinery and tools of contemporary diamond jewelry.

    Throughout the years, Gahana Griha has been glad to take into account a different scope of patrons from eminence to community leaders, prominent media and pop culture personalities to regarded seniors of the society, and young bride-to-be’s to retired army generals. A large portion of all, they keep on being regarded to be a part of the critical emotional minutes in their client’s lives.

     3) Apala Jewels (House of Exquisite Jewels)

     To the accessory enthusiast the House of Exquisite Jewels is a stopover. Apala Jewels are the place to be when you’re searching for something more than just shimmering diamonds. All items included with versatility, bold statement-making for special occasions, or even something modern but with a touch of sentimentality reminiscent of a classic period.

    Apala Jewels has always retained beauty and imagination as the core of any design. Refilling a jewel’s elegance and beauty in a fusion of mind-blowing artistry, Apala Jewels succeeds in delighting the visitors ‘ hearts.

    Whatever the reason, Apala Jewels here is waiting to turn your moment into perfection whenever the time comes. The entire team will be committed to delivering what you envisaged; after all, they are here for you for celebrating your special occasions.


    Each piece at Apala Jewels is special in imprisoning the right assemblage of beauty and elegance, as it is made only once. A living tale told in the rarest and most remarkable assemblage. High-class sets for basic but sophisticated pieces of argument.

    At Apala Jewels, they take your old obsolete jewels and create a new piece complementing today. Each production starts in meticulous detail with a sketch done by hand.


    Apala Jewels give it customer bases a lifetime guarantee on their buys, which only one out of every odd jeweler can offer. Apala Jewelry Collection highlights the most recent design techniques and styles that are woven into brilliant perfect works of art by their reliable craftsmanship.

    4) Kathmandu ornaments

     In response to preserving Nepal’s traditional ornaments and meeting the increasing demand for modern ornaments in Nepal and abroad, Kathmandu Ornament was established. New still and plastic ornaments slowly push traditional ornaments in urban areas, so it is felt need to preserve the traditional ornaments as the heritage of Nepali culture.

    Kathmandu Ornaments was established in Kathmandu under the slogan “No compromise in quality for customer satisfaction” under the Company Registrar Office of the Government of Nepal, with the registration number in the year2000.  The showroom of Kathmandu Ornaments (KO) is located in front of the west gate of the BICC building at the heart of the capital, New Baneshwor.

    Kathmandu Ornaments (KO) prides itself on its own unique features-% handmade products guaranteeing timely, consistent, and satisfying services for its valued customers. Kathmandu Ornaments (KO) particularly deals with traditional as well as modern gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones of various kinds.

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    Now Kathmandu Ornaments (KO) is the pioneer in handmade ornaments providing a range of quality goods/ornaments for customers to meet their increasing needs.

    Machine-made ornaments made of steel and plastic are the young generation’s preference in the changing world, but there’s no shortage of handmade ornaments made of gold and silver, diamond and precious stones. Its demand is on the increase day by day.

    With attractive showrooms, highly skilled and experienced laborers and a professional management team, Kathmandu Ornaments(KO) are proud to state that it has succeeded in expanding its market of traditional as well as modern crafted ornaments within this short period of time and has developed itself as one of Kathmandu’s leading jewelry traders.

    Objectives of Kathmandu ornaments (KO)
    The main objectives of Kathmandu Ornaments (KO) are:

    • To protect the traditional ornaments of the tribes of Aryans and Mongols.
    • Developing the design of modern ornaments according to the necessities of users; particularly for the young generation.
    • Introducing Nepali handmade gold and silver ornaments in developing countries; in particular in Europe and the United States.
    • Export order based golden, silver ornaments along with diamond and precious stones to receive foreign currency.

    Specialties of Kathmandu ornaments

    Not only are ornaments worn for fashion but they also have cultural significance.

    Traditional ornaments and jewelry, so beautiful and so quickly disappearing due to the introduction of the new ornament/jewelry, Kathmandu Ornaments seems to be proud to conserve traditional ornaments and still produces such jewelry. In addition, Kathmandu Ornaments is not lagging behind in manufacturing new jewelry to meet the needs of Nepal’s modern people as well as the world.

    5) Shalimar Jewellers/ Nepali Gold Jewellers

    Since the beginning, their focus has been on improving and strengthening their grip in the jewelry industry, and one of the latest initiatives in this direction has been the establishment of Shalimar Jewellers in 1994.

    Shalimar Jewellers are part of one of Nepal’s largest jewelry companies, and their retail store houses pure gold necklaces and ornaments, as all our ancient jewelry in Nepal is made of 24 karats pure gold.

    For many talented craftsmen and artisans, Nepal is a stronghold, and Shalimar jewelers have been making the use of this talent by fashioning local and antique handmade jewelry that brings a touch of finesse and elegance to their items.

    Nevertheless, their reputation has been further strengthened by their relationship with the most respected and well-known institutions in the antique jewelry industry with whom they participate in regular consultations and advice.

    Such expert monitoring of their items has allows them to create and produce jewelry of the highest quality, while their talented craftsmen have also been helping to bring out the beauty and deftness of the designs they have become known for in Nepal.

    Luxury means living according to one’s own preferences and hence Shalimar jewelers also have tailor-made jewelry and custom designs to cater uniquely to each of their customers. They have wanted only the highest standard of lifestyle to the citizens of Nepal and therefore all their ornaments are thoroughly checked and then certified to pass the quality control.

    Shalimar Jewellers has been one of the most respected and reliable brands when it comes to the top and finest antique jewelry in Nepal as they have been paying the utmost attention to the quality of their goods along with the preferences of their clients.

     6) Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewellers

     Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewellers are the largest jewelry house in NEPAL that started business since 1997. Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewellers (Nepal’s first ISO 9001:2008 accredited jewelers) is Nepal’s No 1 & best Jewelry brand in Nepal.

    Initially, all of the jewelry produced by these jewelers was imported. But today they set up their own jewelry design centers in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Mumbai with more than 58 designers working day and night to produce iconic designs that suit international branded jewelry standards.

    They opened a separate Diamond Jewelry Showroom in 2004, with strong demand from their valued clientele. This was Nepal’s first, and ONLY Diamond Jewelry Showroom.

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    They have been in the business for more than 14 years and have been recognized as the Leading Jewelry House in Nepal for their attractive exquisite foreign designs, fair prices, and after-sales service.

    The secret of their success comes from the fact that all the merchandise is crafted, produced, and manufactured by their professional designers, who are then supervised for its consistency, durability, design & purity by their accredited jewelry supervisors.


    Different awards received by Shree Ridhi Sidhi Jewellers are:

    1. International Star For Leadership In Quality Award (2009) By ISLQ At 13th Global Quality Convention ISLQ Paris Brands
      2. Nepal Largest Paid Up Enterprise Registered As Per Commerce Department Of Nepal

    7) RB Diamond Jewellers

    R.B. Diamond Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., a well-known Kathmandu jewelry company, has been serving since 1997. It is a popular name in Nepal’s field of diamond jewelry. However, it is also famous in the field of gold jewelers in Nepal.

    Beginning with only four devoted employees in the heart of Nepal’s Himalayan Kingdom, R.B. Diamond Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way to become the largest diamond and gold company in Nepal.

    The company has gained tremendous customer support for its quality goods and services since its establishment. The company offers products in various categories, for example, diamonds, precious stones, custom jewelry, gold jewelry, and much more. Quality dedication has made the company one of a kind jewelry shop.

    The company is committed to offering personalized customer support, innovative design jewelry, and first-class quality along with accurate knowledge and advice during the purchasing process.

    Experts in jewelry and the designers ‘ artistic vision are continuously producing exquisite pieces in diamond, gold, and other precious and semi-precious stone jewelry. They also import Asian jewellery and are really good at collection design, price, and variety.

    Customers can select their best from the exquisite jewellery collection at an extremely affordable price. It is assured that R.B. Jewellery should embrace and enhance your personality, creativity, and elegance.

    Strengths of R.B. Diamond Jewellers

    The strength of R.B. Diamond Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. are:

    • Great expertise and careful supervision are the most important assets for an organization that has been present since the beginning of R.B.’s founding. Jewellers Stone.
    • B. Diamond Jewellers is such a glamor and beauty establishment that will cater to all lovers of jewelry inside and outside Nepal. For all jewellery lovers, R.B. Diamond Jewellers has been the first choice.
    • The company expertise in the production, import, export, and retail of diamond jewellery. The company’s primary aim is to ensure every customer is fully happy with the purchase of R.B. Diamond Jewellers.
    • Quality control is throughout all stages, from the initial stage of production until the final performance is reached in the form of a finished product, ensuring that all efforts pay off and live up to their respected customers ‘ standards. R B. Diamond Jewellers is further dedicated to offering the best finish and fineness of every

    Material made from diamonds and gold.

    • Genuine workers and qualified professionals who work with full perseverance are their invaluable assets too. You will get the reassurance of reliable, efficient, and warmest service at R. B. Diamond Jewellers that makes every visit to yours a memorable moment.

    Awards received by R.B. Diamond Jewellers

    The company was also awarded the prestigious prize, Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak (in the year 2002), a late King and Queen of Nepal Medal of Honour.

    8) Asri Jewellers

    Asri in Sanskrit generally refers to “Goddess of Prosperity” or “Goddess of Wealth”.  Asri Jewellers have one of the largest jewelry collections in the country. Their showrooms are a showcase of exquisite artisan gold, diamond, precious and semi-precious jewelry made from stone.

    Combined with a highly trained sales team and directors with years of experience, this makes Asri Jewelers one of the leading names in the market and the trusted, personal jeweler for the thousands of customers.

    As special order specialists, Asri will gladly customize any item to fit their customer’s specifications and budget. Each purchase at Asri is backed by the Asri Guarantee which ensures that you are well looked after, even after purchase.

    Strength of Asri Jewellers


    Asri Jewellers gives it customer bases a lifetime guarantee on their buys, which only one out of every odd jeweler can offer.  This ensures that you are well looked after, even after purchase.


    Asri Jewelry Collection highlights the most recent design techniques and styles along with traditional as per their customer needs, which are woven into brilliant perfect works of art by their reliable and hardworking craftsmanship.

    Services provided by Asri Jewellers

    1) Carat Checking

    2) Jewelry cleaning

    3) Custom Designs

    9) Shree Ganapati Jewellers

    Shree Ganpati Jewellers is a reputed name when it comes to the field of the jewellery industry. It has remained a landmark for decades and has emerged as the most authentic place for gold and jewelry. With a modest start, it has emerged out as a leading jewelry store in Nepal. Shree Ganpati Jewellers hosts a wide array of jewelry.

    This ranges from 22 karat gold ornaments to the modern designs, extremely traditional and ethnic designs that are developed like masterpieces for its clients. With high-quality products and services, it has become a trusted, and accomplished one-stop store for all your jewelry requirements.

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    All thanks to the hard work and ethical vision of the founders, Shree Ganpati Jewellers today stands tall with lots of respect amongst its clients and buyers coming from different walks of life.

    Besides offering jewelry in gold, Shree Ganpati Jewellers has a tangible collection of exquisite diamond jewelry and with some precious stones as well. There is a wide range of diamond and precious stone pieces that come along with incredible aura and delicate designs serving all your purposes including the magnificent wedding collections in a big way.

    They understand the demands of their clients better sufficing all their culturally adornment perspectives to the possession of upscale tangy trending designs. The kind of expectations they have built up has constantly challenged the traditional thinking of the conceptual artwork which they have kept on adding up on achieving through their long years of success in the jewelry market.

    The team at Shree Ganpati Jewellers is known for its expertise and experience when it comes to dealing with a different kind of jewelry – be it gold, silver, or diamond. They leave no stone unturned to surpass all the expectations of our clients thus creating a strong bond between them allowing them to return to us for their other jewelry requirements.  

    They have also won the hearts of our clients coming all across the town and other places close to it thus building up a never-ending bond between the two. This is just a start and it will go a long way in establishing its niche hard in offering the best quality jewelry. 

    With Shree Ganpati Jewellers, you name any design and you will get it! It just a matter of choice, what more would you want?

    Gold Jewellery

    Gold jewelry is eternal and thus remains par in fashion and for a good purpose. All thanks to gold are as wearer-friendly as it is wonderful. Variety of designs available.

    At Shree Ganpati Jewellers, you get the best gold jewelry. They know gold jewelry plays a vital role in Indian’s rituals, traditions, and heritage. Their collection of gold jewelry is carved and produced by some of the finest of connoisseurs, with a myriad of pieces meant for both men and women.

    Some of the pieces and designs that remain reminiscent of an Indian fairy-tale, while others remain chic and ready-to-wear with aura and style. In their collection, you can find a wide range of rings, bangles, gold coins, Jhumkas, necklaces, chains, bracelets, and many more.

    You can visit them for the best collection of Gold Jewellery. They have wide ranges of designs of gold sets suitable for your daily wear, special occasions, and wedding. 

    10) Shree Om Jewellers

    Shree Om Jewellers has established itself as one of Nepal’s most prestigious jewelry stores. For becoming one of the most reputed jewelry stores in Nepal, they have come a long way.

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    From their humble beginnings of one store to several stores and state of the art manufacturing unit in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their products have stood the test of time and their loyal patrons have supported them along the way. They have always believed in one mantra – ‘customer comes first’.

    Shree Om jewelry store is run by a team of professionals who are hardworking, committed, and skilled. Years of experience and expertise in jewelry designing, unrivaled craftsmanship, and impeccable quality makes them stand out in the crowd. Their values are innovation, quality, and satisfied customers.

    Shree Om Jewellers was established in 1998. Since 1998 they have been creating unique designs in 24 karat (99.5%), 22 karat (91.6%), and 18 karat (75%) gold jewelry. All their jewelry has a lifetime buyback guarantee and lifetime exchange guarantee. With the humble beginning in retail now they have state of the art manufacturing and wholesale division.

    And most importantly they have XRF gold testing machine to test the purity of gold They have imported this XRF gold tester in 2012 in a constant effort of their ‘ Temple of Purity ‘ plan to give their patrons the best in Nepal-‘ Try before you buy. ‘It is one of the advantages you can benefit from while buying gold jewelry from Shree Om Jewellers.

    They have an extensive selection of jewelry in both traditional and modern designs. On a weekly basis, their new designs are featured regularly in the Shree Om Jewellers collection. All their designs are not available on their website as it is impossible to put every product on the website. However, it’s nonetheless a brief introduction to their products.  

    Their mission or motto is: We (Shree Om Jewellers) are using our passion to generate a special piece of art!


    The Arch Of Europe 

    At the International Arch of Europe held in Frankfurt, Germany, Shree Om Jewellers is a proud recipient of the Gold quality award. Shree Om Jewellers is Nepal’s only recipient in the gold category. This award is the quality sign, which has been our constant endeavor since 1998 to give Nepal’s best quality gold to our customers.

    When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best. Shree Om Jewellers is following the QC100, our 100-point quality commitment.