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    Nepali gold Jewelry shop in USA: – Almost all cultural events are almost incomplete when it comes to the Nepalese tradition. From the marriage ceremony to social events, people tend to wear various types of Nepalese jewelry.

    To ensure that fashion continues to change and replaces new trends, the same goes for the traditional design of ornaments of Nepal. The new design continues to take the hype according to the significance and changing trends. Changing trends have also influenced jewelry design in Nepal.

    Nowadays, most people prefer a small and convenient piece of Nepal jewelry set instead of a heavy set that is uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Similarly, the frequent raising price of ornament has also greatly influenced the rate of people who buy traditional jewelry.

    This aspect constantly permeates the costumes and jewels of Nepal, which hide in any particular an ancient symbolism that is still deeply felt.

    For the Nepali people, jewelry is an essential vehicle of meanings and an essential tool to protect themselves from external evils and connect with positive energies; therefore, jewels are very popular and are often worn in large quantities, one on top of the other, in a magnificent and chaotic demonstration of abundance and protection against the forces of evil.

    In the Nepalese society, gold and silver respectively symbolize Surya, the sun god, and Chandra, the moon goddess; Therefore, these two materials should not be missing in the jewels that are worn during religious ceremonies, and are especially important in bridal finery.

    Among the various important and ubiquitous symbols in wedding jewelry, we find the peacock (as in Indian culture), which often comes in the form of a raised plate attached to the hairstyle, indicating fertility and good luck; the fish as in the culture of Chinese ethnic minorities in the form of a silver pendant as a symbol of fertility; and small bells, because the bell is a symbol of Buddhism whose sound recalls the purity of the doctrine of perfect wisdom.

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    A typical jewel of married women is the Kantha, a necklace made by alternating faceted gold beads and thin layers of red felt. These necklaces are worn in all major parties (mela) and show the status and wealth of the family.

    In the eastern part of Nepal, the golden beads of kanthas are striated, while in the area of Pokhara they have very pronounced tips and edges.

    The red color of the fabric, also present in coral-shaped jewels, is not used casually, but follows a specific symbology, since, as in Tibetan culture, it is a symbol of life and life force, while the blue color, often made using turquoise, represents water, sky and air.

    Coral and turquoise are used in the form of large rough grains strung together with gold embossed beads into necklaces called Bhiru, which are always worn in pairs.

    Nepali gold jewellery shop in usa

    The color of the stones is a very important factor and often does not match with the value attributed to them by western culture. Many jewelry, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces are decorated with nine stones which are embedded and chosen following the Ayurvedic principle of the Navaratna, recognized and used in most Asian countries, which represents the Indian planetary system.

    The gems used are diamond, pearl, coral, sonsonite, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire and emerald. Two other necklaces called Tilhari and Nau gedi, are composed of complex golden threads, richly decorated and alternated with chains of glass beads and they are emblem of married women and wealth of their family.

    Necklaces often do not have a decorative appearance, but are also made of golden amulets called Jantar, square shaped and chiseled. 

    Jewelry trends change with the times. In Nepal, most women buy new jewelry during the wedding season and the trend now is to look for lighter jewelry. We cannot do without the gold jewels in a Nepalese wedding and even those who attend the function are likely to wear new ones.

    The strong influence of the Bollywood and Indian television series on Nepalese society cannot be minimized; It’s heavy. According to the gold merchant, customers are often asked to replicate a piece of jewelry that they have seen worn by an actress in a popular television series or a recent movie.

    Remember that necklace worn by Aishwarya Rai in Devdas movie, please make me one same like that, is a typical request. Gold still reigns supreme, and Nepalese for centuries have considered gold as an investment. Although they are stored in the form of jewelry, they are considered insurance against difficult times and, at the same time, can be used.

    At 24 carats, we learned that the Rani Haar are in high demand, followed by earrings and bracelets. The noses are adorned with a “phuli” or “nathi”, the latter being quite large and embedded with stone.

    Another piece of popular jewelry is the “mangal sutra”, which originated in India and is worn only by married women. Nava ratna sets are also popular among women. They are composed of ruby , emerald, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, diamond, coral, pearl, goumed (hessonite garnet).

    To have a diamond in combination with colored stones and to use in the office is the new trend in wedding rings, Nepali women prefer lighter Western-style ornaments. ”Today, it is more fashionable to use less gold and more precious stones, while a set of pearls is considered a must have.

    In Hindu culture, gold is believed to be it is a sacred metal that is necessary from the birth of a child to the death of a man or a woman. A common practice, most women put ornaments on different parts of their body where men like to wear rings and chains.

    Women of certain tribes and castes wear ornaments at special festivals and occasions such as the wedding ceremony, while other caste’s women wear ornaments from the top of the head to the tip of the feet throughout the year.

    Ornaments, in Nepalese culture, are not only used for fashion, but also have cultural importance. Most Aryans and Mongols, who have beliefs about religion, tantrism and horoscope, use stones and medallions with expectations of good prosperity and luck in their lives.

    Modern plastic ornaments and stills are gradually boosting traditional ornaments in urban areas; Therefore, it is felt need to preserve traditional ornaments as a heritage of Nepalese culture.

    Even if you are in the US, the tradition and culture that you follow are the same. Therefore, in case you need to visit a jewelry store, we have suggested some famous and branded Nepalese gold jewelry store in the USA. Here, they are;

    Nepali gold Jewelry shop in USA

    1. Laxmi jewelers

    In response to preserve traditional Nepalese ornaments and meet the growing demand for modern ornaments in the United States, Laxmi jewellers was established. Nepal is known as a country rich in culture; where most people are of Aryan and Mongolian origin; who follows different customs and traditions.

    Laxmi Jewelers with the motto “Do not compromise quality for customer satisfaction” is located in Irving, TX, United States, the heart of Texas, prides itself on its own special features: 100% handmade merchandise that guarantees fast, reliable and satisfactory services for its valuable customers LAXMI JEWELLERS deals especially with different types of traditional, modern and gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.

    Now, LAXMI JEWELLERS is the leader in handmade ornaments that offers customers a continuous range of quality products / ornaments to meet their growing needs.

    In the changing world, machine-made ornaments of steel and plastic are the choice of the young generation, but hand-made ornaments of gold and silver, diamonds and precious stones are not lacking. Its demand is growing day by day.

    gold shop jewelry

    With an attractive showroom, highly skilled and experienced workers and a qualified management team, LAXMI JEWELLERS is proud to say that in this short period of time, it has managed to develop its market for traditional and modern design ornaments and has established itself as one of the major jewelry merchant in Texas city.

    The objective of Laxmi Jewelers is to preserve the traditional ornaments of the Aryan and Mongolian tribes.

    • To develop the design of modern ornaments according to the needs of the users; Especially for the young generation.
    • To introduce Nepali handmade gold and silver ornaments in developed countries; especially in Europe and the United States.
    • To earn foreign currency, exporting orders based on gold and silver ornaments along with diamonds and precious stones.

    Ornaments are not only used for fashion, but have cultural importance. Traditional ornaments and jewels, so elegant, but disappearing so quickly due to the replacement by modern ornaments / jewels.

    Laxmi Jewelers prides itself on preserving traditional ornaments and still manufactures these jewels. In addition to this, LAXMI JEWELLERS is not far behind to manufacture modern jewelry stores to meet the needs of modern people in Nepal and the world.

    2. Pathivara jewellers

    Pathivara jewelers provide reliable authentic jewelry of the highest quality in the USA at an economic cost. From the beginning, their focus remained on improving and solidifying their dominance in the jewelry industry.

    One of the last efforts made in this direction was the establishment of Pathivara Jewelers in 1994. Pathivara Jewelers is part of one of the largest jewelry groups in Nepal and its branch in the USA.

    It is located in Columbus, OH, United States. Their retail store houses gold necklaces and ornaments in its purest form, since all their jewels are made of 24 karat pure gold.

    Nepal is a strength for many talented artisans and craftsmen, and they make use of this talent by creating local and antique handicrafts that give their products a touch of delicacy and class. They have brought one among the best gold artists for the impressive design of Nepal.

    However, their credibility is further strengthened by their association with the most appreciated and recognized establishments in the antique jewelry industry with which they participate in constant consultations and advice.

    Such expert supervision of their products helps them develop and make jewelry of the highest quality, while their talented craftsmen help to highlight the uniqueness and skill in the designs for which they have become known in Nepal.

    Luxury means living according to the taste of each one, and therefore, the jewelry shop also offer custom jewelry and personalized designs to attract each of their clients individually.

    They just want the highest quality of lifestyle for the people of Nepal and, therefore, all their ornaments are thoroughly inspected and then certified to pass the quality check. 

    By paying maximum attention to the quality of their products and the expectations of their customers, Pathivara Jewelers has become one of the most reliable and trusted names when it comes to the best and oldest jewels in Nepal.

    3. Barsha jewelers

    Barsha Jewelers is one of the largest Nepalese jewelry companies in the United States. From its humble roots of a small store in Pittsburgh, PA, United States, Barsha Jewelers has taken ambitious measures to increase the supply of products and services both in the United States and worldwide.

    Barsha Jewelers’ product range includes gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, etc. Presenting a truly high-end jewelry brand, Zuleika by Barsha Jewelers came into being in 2015.

    Zuleika differs from its peers in multiple aspects evident to the customer as soon as they walk in her Victorian meets the 5th avenue style flagship showroom on the corner of the most exclusive commercial city in the USA.

    The defining characteristics of the Barsha Jewelers product have been luxurious, unique and accessible. Without complexes, sometimes extravagant at times and nuanced and subtle at others, they constantly push their style horizons.

    From working with paper thin 24-carat gold  to exquisite traditional Nepalese handmade jewelry to working with state-of-the-art machinery and tools for contemporary diamond jewelry, their karighars [artisans] are joining the crafts of their ancestors with the latest in Jewelry Technology.

    Over the years, Barsha Jewelers has been proud to serve a wide range of patrons, from royalty to community leaders, eminent personalities from the media and pop culture, to the respected elders of society and the future brides of the retired generals Most of all, they remain honored to be part of the fundamental emotional moments in the lives of their clients.

    4. Queens Diamond & Jewelry Inc

    Queens Diamond & Jewelry Industries Pvt. Ltd was established as a small company in New York, United States, with the original taste of Nepalese art, with much determination and passion to meet the needs of its customers.

    They have been fortunate to expand to other branches in the United States and abroad. They are proud to announce that Queens Diamond & Jewelries is the first jewelry showroom in Nepal to obtain Nepal’s standard certification for its products.

    While they continue to produce and promote the best in traditional Nepalese ornaments, they now manufacture new designs and jewels of gold, silver and diamonds tailored to meet the needs of each client.

    Queens Diamond & Jewelry Shop USA

    At Baraha Industries, they have more than 2000 trained professionals and experts in jewelry manufacturing (Kaligars) working at Queens Diamond & Jewelry Industries. They focus on providing opportunities of employment to highly qualified and professional Kaligardh employment.

    They intend to further expand their business by opening 20 more branches, in Nepal and abroad over the next five years.

    Their mission is to give people the means to see the world through style. They get great bliss while designing quality handmade jewelry pieces with a unique style.

    Yet the jewelry style is just the tangible expression of something much bigger they are creating. Its mission to inspire the loyalty of Queens customers by being the most reliable jeweler in their markets; be an authority in each area of ​​their business; Act in a responsible and ethical manner.

    To connect and build a lifelong relationship with their customers, they offer them traditional jewels in various points and styles to celebrate and mark the key moments of life. Their vision is to continue building the legacy of the Queen brand and provide an unparalleled customer experience at all points of sale in the United States.


    The leading diamond business company in Nepal, R.B. Diamond Jewelers, was established on New Road in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1997. In the initial phase, there were only four workers under this roof, but now it is climbing the highest position in the Nepal diamond industry.

    The possibilities are endless. R.B. Diamond Jewelers has carved niche for itself and identified through the company of Nepal for its art, experience and knowledge. R.B diamond standards have been the measure of excellence for their exquisite design jewels and for their excellent customer service.

    The unique approach to creativity and excellent artistic brilliance are some of the elements that have made R.B Diamonds a legendary house in the field of gems and jewels. The main objective of R.B. Diamond Jewelers is to ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase of R.B. Diamonds Jewelers.

    Their strengths are their good knowledge and their careful supervision are the most important things in a company, which were there from the initial phase in R. B. Diamond Jewelers.

    The establishment of the R.B. Diamonds Jewelers became a meeting place for the Nepalese Society, as well as to discover collectors and skilled merchants. And now they have extended their business to the USA. in Market Street Sunnyvale, CA 94086. and other foreign countries.

    R.B. Diamond Jewelers offers manufacturing, wholesale, export and retail of diamond jewelry.

    Diamond Jewelers is passionate about creating innovative diamond jewelry for those who appreciate high quality and expect exceptional value. They are proud to say that the qualified diamond jewelry product is the main key to their success.

    In other words, they believe that their unique fashion design and high quality product with competitive prices, as well as their best service will make you feel satisfied in every way.

    They can produce according to customer’s design, samples or any requirement. Whatever direction the industry takes, you can be sure that R.B. Diamond Jewelers will be in effect, which will lead to success.

    Quality checks at all levels, from the initial manufacturing stage to the final production in the form of a finished product, guarantee that all their attempts are worthwhile and allow them to meet the expectations of their valued customers.

    R.B Diamond jewelers is committed to offering the best finish and fineness of each R.B. diamond product. The sincere staff and skilled professional worker who works with total dedication to make Nepal’s best-known diamond jewelers also their invaluable strength.

    At R.B. Diamond Jewelers, you will get the peace of mind of a reliable, efficient and warm service that makes every visit of yours a memorable moment.

    Therefore, R.B. Diamond Jewelers is a glamor and style establishment that will appeal to all jewelry lovers within Nepal and also abroad. R.B Diamond Jewelers is a symbol of quality. This company offers deep and strong commitments towards its customers. If you are looking for a perfect qualified diamond jewel, it is worth visiting the diamond jewelers of R.B.

    Finally, R.B Diamond Jewelers, is a place where you can find confidence, pride, creativity and quality, all under one roof.

    6. Online shop of handmade Nepalese wooden jewelry

    Visit the section of handmade Nepalese wooden jewels in the USA to see the range of Nepalese and Tibetan silver jewels. Creation Nepal offers various handmade silver jewelry designed in Nepal with Tibetan finger rings, earrings, pendants, bangles and bracelets, Ghaus: prayer boxes, necklace in traditional and modern silver jewelry, made of 925 stamped sterling silver.

    Nepalese sterling jewelry that is handmade of silver made with semi-precious and precious stones is considered of high degree in purity and crafts throughout the world for people who wish to have them.

    These jewelry are made available in the Nepal Creation competitively and a reasonable price. Handmade wooden Nepalese jewelry liked by most people.

    If you like to visit outside or take a tour to anywhere for vacations. Therefore, this may be the most initiative product for going outside. Their necklace is made of the original material. There are no fake products that can be used. The metal for this product is Tibetan silver.

    This is an ethnic style. The chain is designed in the form of a rope. The material used is the wooden bead necklace. The pendant necklace is available in different designs.

    Every design consists of shapes and images of different animals. You can find the price much lower than the market price. Buy this product on their website to save you visit outdoors in such a boring place.

    You can say why they are providing free shipping and delivery? They are driven by customers. They always give priority to their valuable customers for their happiness. And ensuring 100 percent satisfaction by giving the quality product, as well as free shipping and delivery service.

    It’s their goal for their customers. Today, they are providing their delivery service in around 200 countries. Sometimes, their hotline team communicate by phone when they cannot find their customers’ addresses to give products. Here they not only sell the product, but also guarantee the quality of the product and its good appearance.

    They are here with quality, fashionable and sustainable product. If you are not satisfied with that, you can return it. They have begun a process for all of you, who are the valuable customer in their business. You have to come immediately from the purchase of the transaction to date.

    For your best transaction, they have added some common payment methods in your process, such as credit card, master card, PayPal. And you’ll be interested to know that more payment methods will be added soon only for their regular customers.

    They always prefer the satisfaction of 100 percent of their customers to provide a reliable service and a quality product. They are here 24 hours to provide enough support.

    They are very worried about your demand for what you want. There are many reasons why most customers who always search online to obtain reliable service for them.

    7. Meena Jewelers

    Meena Jewelers is situated in Atlanta. Meena Jewelers is one of the largest, most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brands in the United States. It started in 2009 in Atlanta following in the footsteps of the family business of the last 50 years.

    It is the story of a successful US company., which has provided value to its customers and in a complex category, marked by its fully located front end and back end. Meena Jewelers USA has established production and supply bases through the research of jewelry crafts from India and the Middle East.

    In the United states, Jewelry is manufactured in one of the most modern factories in the world. The factory still uses the same craftsmen and jewelers that are traditionally called sunaar or soni in India, which are traditionally craftsmen of ethnic jewels unique that symbolize art and craft jewelry in India.

    All products at Meena Jewelers in Atlanta, are carefully crafted to perfection. Diligent care and quality processes ensure that the Meena Jewelers USA, has no comparison with any other jeweler in the country.

    Meena Jewelers in Atlanta, challenged the word of the former jeweler with a guarantee of unmatched guaranteed purity. All gold jewelry sold is guaranteed 22kt gold with a purity mark on each piece of jewelry. They also sell contemporary diamond jewelry and 18-carat white gold, marked by its 18-carat purity.

    The jewelry industry in the United States until now was completely governed by individual confidence. Innovations such as XRF X-ray light technology, the only non-destructive means to verify the purity of gold has been introduced by Meena Jewelers. Meena Jewelers also introduced the professional retail sale in the US 22kt jewelry store, with their online jewelry store and a fabulous point of sale in Decatur.

    Meena Jewelers is such a wonderful jewelry store where women can shop in their spacious comfort and peace without haste and hurry and without worrying about the purity of the jewelry they are buying, as well as to select among the best collections of jewels available in the US market.

    Meena Jewelers today is the most aspiring fine jewelry brand in the USA with plans to spread to different cities in the USA. With an exquisite range of 18kt gold jewels studded with diamonds or colored gems and a wide range of equally spectacular jewels in 22Kt pure gold.

    Jewelry is one of the last major frontiers of commodities in the United States; It has remained that way because this market is very fragmented, very disorganized.

    Meena Jewelers has successfully taken up the challenge of transforming this border into a reliable space for the consumer by providing all the virtues and benefits that the brand offers.

    The CEO of Meena Jewelers, who is a trained computer professional, has tried to transform this ancient and timeless commercial occupation by integrating technology with the ancient traditional culture of Indian jewelry to offer one of the best jewelry stores with innovative technologies and search and browsing tools that are unique in finding the right products online at

    They have the latest designs in 22 karat gold bracelets, 22 karat gold rings, 22 karat necklaces, 22 gold earrings Carat, 18-carat gold diamond jewelry in Indian designs, 22-carat ruby, emerald, sapphire and other precious and semiprecious gemstones and a large selection to choose from.

    So be assured that all your requirements will be met in one shop. This shop is owned by Indian people, but you can get the design of your choice here at Meena Jewelers.

    Located in the heart of the Indian area of ​​Decatur, in the Atlanta metropolitan area, it is easily accessible from major highways. The detailed address is 1745 Church Street – Ste. Decatur, Meena Jewelers, 30033.

    8. Jewelry – Metal and beads (Nepal Creation)

    Beautiful and fashionable jewelry such as bracelets and bangles, finger rings, earrings, necklaces, wristbands, beads, glass bead pote, jewelry, keychains from Nepal, India and Tibet are available in Creation Nepal at competitive and reasonable prices.

    These products comprises of necklaces and pendants made of glass beads, white metal jewelry, copper and brass jewelry, earrings, rings, bracelets and bracelets handmade in Nepal with a rich cultural and artistic touch. Nepal is home to Nepalese crafts where many small businesses and individual artisans sell their products to the outside world at a very reasonable price.

    In other words, Creation Nepal manufactures varieties of ethnic and unique crafts in different places and sells them together at a wholesale price. Experts made all their products in skilled hands and 100% free of child labor, who are carefully selected under their strict supervision.

    They are exporting a range of quality products made by hand in Nepal since its creation in 2003. They work directly with producers and help in all aspects of design and production to ensure the highest level of quality control.

    They strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business and are committed to offering the customers the best and only products at the most competitive prices.

    They try to keep our finger on the pulse of current and future trends that combine this market standard with the natural resources of the Himalayan and Creation Nepal touch of quality handmade crafts with the aim of developing traditional Nepalese handicraft industries such as Lokta paper, woolen felt, hemp and nettle clothing and accessories, wood carving, metal crafts, etc., which can help improve the standards of low-income rural and urban families.

    Creation Nepal was established with the aim to coordinate the production and marketing of Nepalese handicrafts confirming that best practices are used by all parties and everyone involved strives for fair trade. Actually, fair Trade implies a trade association, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, which seeks greater equity in international trade.

    By offering better commercial conditions and guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers and environmental principles, creation Nepal gives emphasis on sustainable development. They encourage producers to participate in environmentally friendly practices that they manage and use local resources in a sustainable way.

    Creation Nepal also contributes in the production and development of products based on cultural traditions of producers adapted to Western markets. They seek to promote artistic talents of the producers in a way that preserves cultural identity. They work only online and they can deliver it in USA without any concern.

    9. New Sagarmatha Jewelers

    They sell all types of Nepalese old designs and new 24K gold jewelry designs and repair all kinds of damaged jewelry! This Jewelry shop is dedicated to service and quality!

    The address of this shop is 7152 E Main St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068, United States.

    The shop opening time is;

    • Friday                     10AM–8PM
    • Saturday              10AM–8PM
    • Sunday                 10AM–8PM
    • Monday               10AM–8PM
    • Tuesday               10AM–8PM
    • Wednesday         10AM–8PM
    • Thursday              10AM–8PM

    The Phone number of this shop is +1 614-615-9502. You can contact through Gmail which is; This shop provide excellent service, perfect repair. You will be absolutely delighted  and will certainly buy in the shop again and will recommend to your friends and family.

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