How Gold Is Formed? Here Is The Right Information Or Answer

    How gold is formed:- Gold is a purely natural element that is found down beneath the earth where lava forms. It has shiny yellow color so we can see it from far distance and with ease.

    Gold is also a rare element because it can be used as malleability, electrical conductivity, beauty, shiny color, etc. well, gold usually comes been extracted from mines, various river banks, and streams but the main source lies in deep under the earth. Let’s talk about its natural process and formation

    First of all, gold cannot be produced or made in a chemistry lab because of its rare reaction. It is only possible if the number of protons changes within an atom but it is not possible.

    For most, as we are talking about natural formation than nuclear fusion within the sun brings many elements. Even the sun cannot produce gold within its explosion so, the only case is to collide different neutron stars.

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    Under these extremes pressure of energy, gold can easily be formed. Especially, when a supernova explodes this kind of heavy element can be formed.

    Gold pics

    Formation of gold

    Everyone practically believes that all of the gold in this earth come from outer space or it is a part of death stars which was brought here by different asteroids. When the earth was forming heavy elements like gold and iron start to move towards the core of the earth.

    The only light element where lies outside and on the surface of the earth. Without any other supernova event, it is impossible to form gold in the earth’s crust. Almost 4 billion years ago, an asteroid gives huge bombards in earth and form many layers in earth.

    As a result, metals and gold shake in deeper and deeper in its core part. Gold is a really heavy element unlike silver and it may also found on the surface but because of its heavy nature, it just sinks down inside the river, stream, and ocean.

    There were so many important things that play a great role to bring that gold back from the core of the earth’s surface. Some of them represented below


    Well, earthquakes usually play an important role to bring core elements on the surface. When the earth is shaking, those elements which were buried deep down in the earth’s surface also got shaken and move towards the surface.

    It is more for those elements which are sunk in the water stream or rive. Because of its vibration, heavy elements like gold also push towards the bank of rivers, and people used to find it.


    Of all, the most important and well recognize process to bring gold on the surface of the earth is volcanoes. The lava of the core of the earth becomes denser than it starts to search for the weak or crack place on the surface of the earth.

    With the lava, it brings all kinds of heavy elements within it and where we found gold attach with a rock. Well, that gold from the core actually on the molten stage until it comes on the earth’s surface and becomes cold.

    It will take little more time to become solid and it also gets attach with rocks and many more when it takes shape and size on the surface.

    Now, let’s talk about the gold which is taken out from the inner core of the earth. According to the United States geological survey, 196,320 tons had been extracted from the earth’s inner core where natural gold lies.

    Gold is a very dense element so it really occupied very less space rather than any other element of the earth. Even we have taken out a lot for us still it is nothing compared to how much we have still inside the source.

    As we talk about the gold, just within a few kilometers down we have 1million ton gold and the total amount of gold lies inside earth crust is still unknown. So, gold is one of the most adorable elements in human civilization.

    But still, lot alchemists try to turn other different and various elements into gold by changing its property. First of all, they try to turn lead into gold but soon they find out that no chemical simply changes into another one.

    Chemical reaction needed transfer of electrons into other element electrons but protons remain the same at that process. Now, the only way to produce gold from other elements is possible through mercury.

    Only mercury is the type of element which has the property to change itself through a chemical reaction and become gold. Producing or making gold is not easy work or the easy way.

    The most effective and efficient way to change one element into another is only done by add neutrons to the other one. It will help to make it strong or unable to break through it.

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    We have a lot of related cases and experiments which went down so successfully as well. Various physicists like Hamtaro Nagaoka from Japan first synthesized gold by a huge explosion in mercury.

    It is even considered as the easiest method to form gold and the same happens to lead. Soviet scientists have done the same experiment with lead and accidentally turn that into gold. Because various property match with each other in different ways that can be transformed into gold like mercury and lead.

    Those gold which forms through the large explosion and greater compressed in starts has high quality and so much natural. Artificial gold was produced by changing one element property into another by a large explosion and there is a huge difference as well in both of them.

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    When there is a large explosion happens within the element, there is certainly changing of the property of the element and which leads to the forming of another kind of new element.

    These events actually took place in stars and supernova but some time due to huge bombard, scientists were so successful that to produce gold. So, gold can be formed in various ways like natural or artificial but it really needs a lot of energy. It is not easy either to change the property of the element as well.

    Gold is really a lot of important and precious metal throughout the world. Each and everybody knows its value in today’s market. Well, talking about one of the rarest items on the planet also need huge time and circumstance to form.

    A simple process is not enough to produce gold and simple pressure as well. It is so natural and shiny, everyone starts to attract gold whenever they saw it. Gold is also very popular among everyone because it has large uses in every field.

    Its formation is very phenomenon and extraordinary which also helps increase the parts where it can be used. We shouldn’t be surprised that its main use is for jewelry. As we walk down towards our ancient times, everyone believes that gold is the sweat of the sun which was somehow true metaphor.

    An element like gold which is so heavy one can only be forming where there was giant nuclear fusion occurs. As we went to the more beginning of the earth where a big bang happened, there were only two elements were produced hydrogen and helium.

    After some hundred years later, few stars were starting to show up with extreme heat and pressure. There was a certain nuclear fire inside those stars which forced lighter element to fuse together to form slightly heavier element.

    When they force that lighter element, with every heavier element form they release a lot of energy and heat with an explosion.

    Slowly and slowly, these stars start to make elements like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc. as we can see in our periodic table where iron starts to form that time. But still, there is no sign of gold in the universe because gold is an extremely heavy element.

    All those stars again slowly run out of sufficient light and heat to form any element. With that much heat and pressure in them, not a single element can be formed. At last, when one of the stars burnt silicon to produce iron from it than a huge explosion took place called a supernova.

    Once it released, it really creates a huge sound and explosion, and with it many different types of elements even heavier one form. Now, within a short period of time, all the stars start to release some kind of a large amount of heat and energy.

    At the very first time in our universe, the atom of gold is formed under a very cataclysmic explosion. With gold, there were other heavier elements formed and keep forming whenever supernova explodes.

    Now, after 200 million years later our earth finally forms and starts to take its shape and size. Finally, the huge meteorites bombard on earth from outer space which precious elements like gold and platinum.

    Earth formation also plays a great role to shake all those molten iron and gold in its core and platinum as well. We only assume that gold is inside the crust of the earth but still as per the scientist, there can be an even more and more rare and helpful element.

    There is really enough metal to cover the surface of our planet and it is for sure. Gold is a very mysterious element as well because it contains various theories and facts that how it comes to earth and the formation of gold.

    It may not be true of logical but these days this theory get a lot of attention from everyone. When the two large maybe eight-time huge than our sun, collide together and with its explosion, various new metal and elements and other phenomena happen in our universe.

    The collapse of those massive stars, a dense light which is also known as gamma-ray, formed. Those days where so dense and strong that when it touches a certain element, a new heavier element formed known as gold.

    That type of intense energy is enough to create gold and that was the most powerful energy explosion in this universe. Those entire explosions were enough to manufacture gold in huge amounts.

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    In conclusion, all we can say is that gold really needs a giant explosion as big as a supernova. It must contain huge heat as well and a large quantity of pressure which can only be found in neutrons stars collide.

    All the particles of gold and other element come from outer space through other means and give the earth a valuable element. We can see all the gold or any other element were molten states in earth core and they only take shape when they come out of that state and cool down.

    Earth core is as well so dense temperature and has the energy to make any element in molten form. We also got a chance to see pure natural gold attach or combine with a rock.

    When a gold company takes that gold from river, streams, and mines than it will surely need a lot of preparation. When we see original gold, it is just like an irregular and ugly one as shape and size. It also takes a process to take out those rocks and again those gold needs to undergo from the molten form.

    To give shape and again make it neat and clean, gold needs more heat and pressure than only people can give it the right shape and size. Make various gold chains, bracelets, and many more gold items, need to give the perfect shape with sufficient process.

    People may think that whatever gold items there were wearing just come naturally. The real thing is that gold is a natural element and we can also find it in nature but to bring it on the use of humankind, gold definitely needs the human process to give perfect shape for use.

    When it extracts from mines, people clean it and again put it on high temperature to take it on the molten form. Only we can get every gold item which can be seen in every market in the world.

    Gold has various uses in electricity as well for the good conductor of electricity and gold is very rare one that has beauty with a purpose.

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