Which Type Of Gold Is Best To Buy? The Expert Tips For Gold Buyer

    Which type of gold is best? :- Gold is one of the most expensive and adorable metal or element in the world after diamonds. Each and everyone prefers gold for their jewelry and it is affordable too for many people.

    Being the most famous and expensive one, it still has a lot of categories and types. People had divided it into some of the various types so that, its value increased even more among all the people.

    Well, talking about gold, most of us only know that gold is yellow, shiny, and beautiful. We had only seen its one type that is yellow color and mostly found in a jewelry shop.

    But it’s not true that gold has an only yellow color and what we know from our childhood is only gold in the world. It has divisions and classes with proper name and quality.

    Gold has a category and it divides with better and less good quality. Never assume that what we only see around us is the only gold found on earth. High quality of gold cannot be manufacture but only exist in nature.

    It really takes a lot of huge explosions to form pure gold and only found inside the crust of the earth. Let’s see this in another way that, whenever we went to buy gold jewelers in the shop, we often need to choose 24 karat pure gold or jewelers with gold plating.

    Most of the people or us don’t know that there is really a big difference among all of them.

    Before telling or assuming with gold is the best for us we really need to see its karats, colors, and plating than only we get best of best among them.

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    Now, let’s talk to all of them one by one.

    Which Type Of Gold Is Best To Buy? The Expert Tips For Gold Buyer

    1. Gold colors

     Gold which is used for the jewelry was not pure gold and made of mixing various other elements. Especially, gold is mix with copper, zinc, and silver to form different other colors.

    As we see in the market, there is yellow gold, white gold; rose gold, green gold, etc, and all of them were exerted from mixing pure gold with other different elements and metals.

    When they mix together and the reaction takes place to form various color gold which may not be pure gold but almost the same. Inside the colors, there is also some category and they are

    Yellow color gold

     The yellow color gold is most famous and well knows among all the gold in the market in all over the world. It is even not the pure 100% gold as we assume mostly.

    Yellow gold is a mix of pure gold and copper, zinc, and silver. Yellow is the natural color of pure gold as well, it needs very less maintains and can be formed without too much difficulty.

     White color gold

     Now let’s see that white gold is made of platinum and gold. White gold is the pure mix of yellow gold and platinum which is also called palladium.

    This gold is also manufactured through a mix of other metal like zinc and gold as well. It has more good benefits than yellow gold because of its scratch-resistant and more durable than yellow gold.

    White gold is a little bit less expensive than yellow gold and platinum both on the basis of price in the market.

     Rose color gold

     Rose gold is really extra from other and fewer people had heard its name in the market these days. Rose gold is also called pink gold and it is manufacture through the mixing of pure yellow gold with copper.

    It is very less expensive compare to another gold color in the market because copper is very cheap comparing to others. It takes less expense to produce this color as well and its color also can produce easily.

    Well, as we talking about durability, rose color gold is much more durable than any other gold color because of its copper content.

     Green color gold

     Green gold is the most unique and extraordinary to find in the market. Most of the people never heard about the green color like gold.

    It is also called electrum and whenever gold is mixed with silver than green color can be exerted. It is neither much expensive nor cheaper comparing to other gold colors.

    Now, as we are talking about the popularity of gold all over the world than it is yellow color gold until its price rise too much.

    It is more expensive and a lot of people can’t afford it. So, within these 30 years, white gold is more famous and popular among everyone, and especially, it is more famous for engagement rings in the marriage ceremony.

    2. Gold karats

    Now, let’s talk about the actual gold or pure gold which is measure in karats. These karats define the purity and quality of gold all over the world.

    The first and foremost thing before purchasing any gold from the shop is karats of gold known as k. that karat mark on the gold let you know about the amount of gold on that jewelry.

    There is a manufacturing trademark near to the sign karat which helps us to know that karat is accurate. Well, we have ever listened to it or not but we all know that the 24 karat gold mark is the purest and original gold all over the world.

    As we were talking about the pure gold or 24 karats gold, it’s really hard to find it in any jewelry shop. Pure gold is literally so soft that a small scratch can be seen and little rough touch can make any scratch.

    Anybody can easily bend it as well because it is a lot of soft metal than any other mixed gold. So, that’s a reason that all jewelry is never made out pure gold and often mixes with other metal like silver and copper to make it more durable and perfect.

    Now, as we are talking about the karats, besides 24k there was another like 18k gold which has 75% pure gold and 25% alloyed with other metal. 14k gold which is 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% alloyed with other metal according to its color and design. Similarly, 10k gold which is 41.7% pure gold content and 58.3% alloyed with other metal like zinc and silver.

    That people want more durable and long term jewelry which doesn’t get scratch while wearing. For that less pure gold mix with more other metal is more beneficial for them.

    But less than 10karat gold is not official gold because it contains really less pure gold which does don’t consider it as gold jewelry.

    Only a high class and rich people love to wear pure 24k gold on their neck so even it get bend easily they got a new one. Besides most of the common and middle-class people choose to wear 18k which is much more affordable too.

    Now, there is another type of gold jewelry that is common to all of the people and liked by the most and that is gold plating. This is the option remaining for those people who want to wear gold jewelry at a minimum rate.

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    There were a lot of ways and designs for gold plating but we will know most assure one here. Actually gold plating refers to that process, where, gold magnificently labels or warp around any other metal to make it look more shiny and beautiful.

    First of all, we need to see the quality of metal and quality of gold than only it comes out the best. Well, buying the gold we may know that different and various kinds of gold plating, and some of them were as bellow.

     3. Gold layered

     Gold layered jewelry really means to have a small thin layer around the metal to make it look like gold jewelry. It is the maximum way of a lot of people to make their jewelry shin.

     4. Gold leaf

    Gold leaf is a little more expensive and harder to manufacture as jewelry. Because for gold leaf, 24k gold and 22k gold were used and it is totally hand-design jewelry. It needs time and excellent art to manufacture so, most of us can recognize it from far away as well.

    5. Gold plated gold electroplated

    Gold electroplated is the process to give any other metal a thin layer to make it appear like gold jewelry.

    When brass or steel was dipped into the gold for its super thin layer than it becomes gold plated or electroplating. But gold must be more than 10k gold to show its quality on other metal.

     6. Gold-filled

    Gold-filled is actually a process to bond two different metals without much more gold but it is surely cover with a sheet of gold. The gold which is used in the process must be at least 10k gold and gold content on that metal jewelry must be least 5% of the total weight of the jewelry.

    Like this, all the gold plating has its own way and process to make jewelry more durable and effective.

    Finally, let’s talk about the best gold in the world which is frequently used for any ceremony and fit in any class family.

    White gold

    White gold is much more different than any other gold however it is the mix of pure yellow gold and white color metal or platinum.

    White gold is more famous for its strength and durability which is so acceptable worldwide as well. it is a mix of gold and platinum because pure gold is so soft and bend easily. Jewelry really needs to be strong and beautiful which can be fully seen in white gold.

    I am telling it to be the best gold in the world because pure gold is too expensive to buy and it is too soft as well.

    On the other side platinum alone is as well so much expensive but not as shiny as gold. so, we must need that metal which is strong as well as shiny and affordable for all the people in the world.

    That is the main reason white gold is receiving more name and its demand is increasing day by day. Some of the related question and answer about white gold which considers it as best gold of the world are as follows

     Is white gold a real gold?

     Of course, white gold contains pure gold in it as like others. Well certified gold has hallmarking and white gold has it or we can also see it while purchasing.

    As we can see that white gold really has small stones line around the ring which is so sparkling and strong. It seems as luxurious as well so, white gold really has a lot of benefits for sellers and buyers too. Now some of the advantages of white gold was as follow

    1. White gold contains half pure yellow gold and half silver giving the benefit to the owner about affordable and unique looks.
    2. It is just perfect and acceptable for those who prefer white jewelry and love to wear that white gold.
    3. It is more suitable for both men and women equally and totally match for both events and outfit.
    4. We can add other gems and various colorful metals because of its strength and cannot be scratch easily.

    Well, whether anyone chooses white gold or not it’s their personal decision but as we look closely at almost more people the personal choice is white gold jewelry in the world.

    It has an awesome classic look with the platinum mix so, people prefer more for it. Natural pure gold looks more stunning than any gold in the world which is 24k but with the beauty, it doesn’t have that much strength and durability in it.

    Even each and every jewelry shop, we cannot find any 24k gold jewelry because of its total less demand and difficult to make any strong jewelry. White gold is just a middle-level gold which is on everyone’s budget with proper beauty added in it.

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